About me

Welcome to my analog photography blog.

My name is Mike Sikorski TeGieeR. I am photographer from Gdańsk Poland and I shoot on film. I mostly use 35mm black and white films with manual Nikon FE2 and FM2 cameras. My favourite films are Ilford Delta 100 and Ilford HP5 which I usually force to ISO 3200. I also use a medium format Pentacon Six camera for fine art photography. I develop all black and white films by myself in my darkroom.

For colour films I use compact automatic cameras Olympus mju II and Olympus XA 4. Expired Fuji Superia 400 films combined with old cameras which have some light leaks, produce great colour effects.

On this site I publish street photography, reportage, fine art photograpy but also my everyday photos of friends and family. Sometimes I experiment with old cameras and expired films, double expositions, panoramas and cross processing.

Links to my other photography sites: