Urban Absurd – fine art analog photography

In fine art analog photography I developped a unique style, wchich I called Urban Absurd. Urban Absurd are analog, medium format series of fine art photographs, made with Pentacon Six retro camera. It is a conceptual photography, where oryginal point of view is one of the most important parts of the process.

My goal is to get perfect frame right out of the camera, and all of the pictures are full frame prints without any cropping in the darkroom. Perfect frame is not the only technical aspect of my photography. I intend to get as good contrast as possible out of the film and get details in the dark and light parts of the picture. That is why I use Ansel Adams zone system, and all twelve frames of a medium format roll of film are the exact same scene.

LINKS to all my Urban Absurd photo galleries below:
Teddybears world
Wonder Boy
Mr Tie

Urban Absurd gives me lots of fun, but also some serious recognition. I have displayed several analog prints exhibitions, and won some trophies in photography exhibitions. Below you can see some pictures from my exhibitions, ans some award scans.


“Gourmand” in CSW Łaźnia in Gdańsk 2008,

fine art analog photography
fine art analog photography
fine art analog photography

“Gourmand” – Sopot Fringe Festival 2011.

Sopot Fringe Festiwal

“PePe” – Galeria Schody in Warsaw 2012.

analog fine art prints exhitbition
Galeria Schody Warsaw

“Phantom” – Trans Fotografia Festival – Papryka Club in Sopot 2008.

analog fine art prints exhibition

“Life is beautiful” – photo contest exhibition, Kielce 2007.

analog photography callendar
analog photography large print

Photography contests awards:

PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris award
PX3 Prx de la Photographie in Paris
IV Festiwal Fotografii Artystycznej
IV Warszawski Festiwal Fotografii Artystycznej
analog photography contest trophy
Złota Muszla – XII Przegląd FotografiI
zlota muszla phtography contest
Złota Muszla – XII Przegląd FotografiI
film photography contest
Otwarte Mistrzostwa Fotograficzne Olsztyn
analog fine art photography prize
XVII Krajowy Salon Fotografii Artystycznej
photo contest diploma
Życie jest piękne
film photography contest prize
IX Ogólnopolski Konkurs Fotograficzny Przestrzeń Wyobraźni
retro analog photography contest
VI Konkurs Fotografii Oblicza Ludzi