Pain in the ass pin – film photography Poland

film photography Poland

Olympus XA4 MACRO, Fuji Superia 400.

There was a time I used to ride a bike a lot. Thats why I put this pin by polish design company Pan tu nie stał, which in english means “pain in the ass”. Nice closeup and bokeh of this film photography Poland thanks to Olympus XA4 MACRO retro camera.

Urban Photo Awards 2024 – analog photography Poland

analog photography Poland

Pentacon Six, Ilford Delta 100.

Hot News. 10 of my photographs from analog series “Gourmand” will be exhibited in Trieste Italy during Trieste Photo Days – Urbam Photo Awards 2024. Stay tuned for more analog photography Poland news.

Scooter drive thru atm – street photography blog

street photography blog

Nikon FE2, Ilford Delta 100.

In Napoli there are scooters everywhere. Old narrow streets are perfect for this kind of vehicle. On my street photography blog I captured kind of a scooter drive thru atm machine. The light on this photo is incredible.

Walking down falowiec in Gdańsk – analog street photography

analog street photography

Nikon FE2, Ilford Delta 100.

Another analog street photography from my recent series “Falowiec”. Now the summer break is comming and I will be out of town, but surely I’ll get back to it in september. More about this series HERE.

GANGSTARR Urban Absurd series – film photography Poland

film photography Poland

Pentacon Six, Ilford HP5 400.

This photo is from my Urban Absurd style series called “GANGSTARR”. It is about a local gangser who does minor crimes in the hood. This series is a satire on old gangser movies and gangsta rap clips. Check out the whole series HERE. Just some old school film photography Poland.

Two passersby at falowiec – street photography Poland

street photography Poland

Nikon FE2, Ilford Delta 100.

I was waiting in one place for quite a long time for this shot. I wanted to get a wide angle shot from ground perspective with some passersby in the front and falowiec in the background. I am very happy about this street photography Poland. Check out the whole Falowiec project HERE.

My Jack Russell Terrier Salsa with a ball – film photography blog

film photography blog

Olympus XA4 MACRO, Fuji Superia 400

I love to shoot colour films for my film photography blog with Olympus XA 4 Macro. It has a wide, fast lest which can focus really close, wich results with unique pictures like this one.