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Welcome to my analog photography blog.

My name is Mike Sikorski – TeGieeR. I am a photographer from Gdańsk, Poland, a member of GTF Gdańskie Towarzystwo Fotograficzne – Gdańsk Photography Association. I shoot on film. Now I mostly use 35mm black and white films with retro manual Nikon cameras for street photography.

Some time ago street was not my first choice. I preffered analog conceptual photography. I developped my unique style and called it Urban Absurd. Urban Absurd are analog, medium format series of fine art photographs, made with Pentacon Six retro camera.

Urban Absurd was a huge success. I’ve displayed several darkroom print exhibitions i.a “Łasuch” in CSW Łaźnia in Gdańsk or “PePe” in Galeria Schody in Warsaw. Also won some trophies in photography contests i.a First place in IV Warsaw Fine Art Festival or an award in Px3 in France. You can read more about it – here.

Now most of the pictures I publish on this analog photography blog, are street photos, but I still work on some Urban Absurd series and maybe will display some exhibition in the future – you never know.

My favourite films are Ilford Delta 100 developped normal (or +1 to get better contrast) and Ilford HP5 which I usually force to ISO 3200. I also use a medium format Pentacon Six camera for fine art photography and a large format 1933 Voigtlander Avus.

I develop each black and white film by myself in my darkroom. My favourite frames I print to paper with a darkroom enlager.

For colour films I use compact automatic cameras Olympus mju II and Olympus XA 4. Expired Fuji Superia 400 films combined with old cameras, which have some light leaks, produce great colour effects.

On this analog photography blog I publish street photography, reportage, fine art photograpy, but also my everyday photos of friends and family. Sometimes I experiment with old cameras and expired films, double expositions, panoramas and cross processing.

I am a happy father of two sons Oskar and Maks, and a happy husband of my most beautiful wife Marta. She is a skilled leathercraft worker, please take a minute to check out her work at:


Feel free to visit my blog regularly and check out my instagram account.

TeGieeR analog photography Poland