Longinos, long wooden log – bnw analog photography

bnw analog photography

Voigtlander Inos, Polypan F ISO 50.

Longinos is my bnw analog photography project – medium format retro camera Voigtlander Inos, ana a 35mm film in it, resulting in panoramas with perforation. This one was shot a long time ago at a village. More about Longinos concept HERE.

Family large format photography

large format photography
Voigtlander AVUS 9x12cm, Adox Planfilm ISO 50.

Yesterday family trip picture. My dog Salsa is crazy about tennis balls, so it was quite difficult to get her steady – my wife is holding my dogs ball in her hand. Not easy to shoot such a large format photography with a retro Voigtlander Avus camera.