My Jack Russell Terrier Salsa with a ball – film photography blog

film photography blog

Olympus XA4 MACRO, Fuji Superia 400

I love to shoot colour films for my film photography blog with Olympus XA 4 Macro. It has a wide, fast lest which can focus really close, wich results with unique pictures like this one.

Piastuś playground near Falowiec – analog photography blog

analog photography blog

Nikon FE2, Ilford Delta 100.

“Piastuś” is a big playground where I spent my childchood. It is in the middle of Przymorze district in between two falowiec buildings. Check out more on this subject on my analog photography blog and click HERE.

Hel peninsula camping and surfing – film photography Poland

film photography Poland

Olympus mju II, Fuji Superia 400.

In just few weeks all the capming sites in polish Hel peninsula will start seazon and this view will be normal again. I can’t wait. We spend all summer at a camping like that and windsurf wenever there are good conditions.

Spider net and Drago Milenario – film photography blog

film photography blog

Nikon FE2, Ilford Delta 100.

This year we visited El Drago Milenario at Tenerife – if you want to know something about the tree, click HERE. There are probably thousands pictures of it, so I decided to show it from a different perspective on my film photography blog.

My wife at la Ola bar Las Americas – film photography blog

Nikon FE2, Ilford Delta 100.

Our favourit La Ola bar at Las Americas in Tenerife. My wife and I always go there for a coffe during the day and sometimes in the evening to grab couple of beers. Check out my film photography blog.