Maradona graffitti and a passer by in Naples – street photography blog

street photography blog

Nikon FE2, Ilford Delta 100.

I was waiting quite a long time for a perfect moment to take this picture for my street photography blog. There were many people passing by, but I didn’t feel it, until this guy came in the frame.

Lady with a cigarette looking out the window Naples – film street photo

film street photo

Nikon FE2, Ilford Delta 100.

Did you just take a photo of me? asked the lady in the window. Yeap, sure, why not. I had just a second to capture this one, before she changed her face to smile, so it’s slightly out of focus. Did I mention I use only manual focus fix lenses in my ever film street photo?

Art gallery on the fence – analog street photo Poland

analog street photo Poland

Nikon FE2, Ilford Delta 100.

This art gallery on the fence is located in Skansen Wdzydze in Poland. It is a lovely place, sort of a museum of old polish traditional village housing. It is perfect for taking analog street photo in Poland.