Lady and her grocery bag on wheels – analog street photo Poland

analog street photo Poland

Nikon FE2, Ilford Delta 100.

It was a rainy day at Przymorze district in my home town Gdańsk where the longest building in Europe is located. This lady was walking by and I sat there with a wide lense to capture her walking by in my analog street photo Poland project Falowiec. Check out more phtotos on this subject HERE.

Unicorn and scooter city – Łódź

Unicorn Łódź
Nikon FE2, Ilford Delta 100.

Unicorn Łódź – one of my favourite photos of may 2022 photo walk in Łódź. Love the silver shine of the unicorn, and how all the lines of the buildings line up. You can read more about unicorn monument on wiki.